7seas Technologies Limited, a Hyderabad-based independent IP-based games development company, today announced the launch of its new online kids game –‘Indian Heroes’ based on the 62nd Independence Day, a momentous occasion of pride and honor for Indian nationals and those of Indian origin.These games are available on its free online gaming portal www.onlinerealgames.com

The game, a combination of six interesting multiple games, comprises six levels. While the first game is a word puzzle where the gamer needs to find out the words related to our freedom fighters and Independence Day, the second game is a cross word puzzle based which is to be completed based on the given questions.

The third game is a combination of picture puzzle where one has to drag and drop the blocks in an order and complete the pictures of our freedom fighters, while the fourth one is a colouring game – fill colours to make a colourful picture of the Independence Day celebrations. While the fifth game is also a picture puzzle where the gamer has to move the pictures to make the images of our leaders, the sixth game requires the gamers to search for our freedom fighters and their belongings to make more scores.

Once the six levels are completed, the game gets to have a chance to hoist our tri-colour flag and celebrate our Independence Day, online.

“August 15 is a time for parades, marching bands and other celebrations. On this great occasion of our 62nd Independence Day, we are releasing a special game christened ‘Colours of Freedom’. This primary objective behind developing this game, targetted at children, was to create awareness through www.onlinerealgames.com about our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to bring independence to our country. These games will also increase the IQ of a child,” Said Mr L Maruti Shanker, managing director of 7seas Technologies Limited. “The top 100 game winners will be given away a special prize,” Mr Shanker added.