7Seas Entertainment Limited, a Hyderabad-based independent IP-based game development company, which has already created casual, mobile and PC games based on Tollywood and Bollywood movies,has now created a new film-based casual online game for Mr.Varun Sandesh-starrer Tollywood movie ‘Brammi Gaadi Katha’, produced under the Multi-Dimensions’ banner.The game has been officially launched today in Hyderabad and will be made available on 7Seas’ casual online gaming portal www.onlinerealgames.com.

“The tinsel world and game development companies are increasingly forging alliances as both want to pursue wider audience. 7Seas would also be focusing in this film-based games business opportunity. We have already been active with alliances with film production houses and will continue to go in for similar tie-ups going forward,” said Mr.L.Maruti Sanker,Managing Director of 7Seas Entertainment Limited.

Film-based games are gaining momentum in the Indian film industry, which churns out the highest number of films a year in the world, as they redefine the storytelling of a film besides enriching the movie-watching experience. Such movie-based games create more value to the films and will be an asset to define the future of the game-play. It acts as pre promotional campaign before the release of the movie/film. These games are targeted especially towards kids and teenagers. It will increase the user base of the portals. Mr.Sanker added.