7Seas Entertainment Limited, an IP based independent game development company(BSE—7Seas scrip code 590116),is proud to announce today the launch of 10 exciting mobile games across action, arcade, racing, shooting and sports genres.

“With the burgeoning sales penetration of mobile handsets, especially those high-end devices that support high-speed game plays, and the increasing levels of adoption for the same, we are launching 10 mobile games to our existing portfolio of 7 mobile games,” said Mr.L.Maruti Sanker,Managing Director of 7Seas Entertainment Limited.

According to a ‘Research and Markets’ survey, the global mobile gaming market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.6 percent to reach $48 billion in 2014. Around 50 percent of mobile gamers are in the age group of 22-35 years, followed by 13-21 years and 35+ years (35 percent).

The new games that 7Seas launched today include Alexia The Great and The Fight 3D in the action category, MobiXonix, The Jars-I and The Jars-II in the arcade genre, Moto Riders and Rally Drive in racing and Air War 3D and Shoot Out in shooting and Catches Win Matches 3D in the sports genres.

The 10 mobile games, targeted at high-end mobile phones like Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Micromax, Blackberry, BenQ, Pantech, Sagem, Sanyo etc.are distributed through leading aggregators worldwide through online distribution and various apps stores that enable mobile users to download these games at one go.

Of these, Rally Drive is a multi-player game and The Fight 3D, MobiXonix, Air War 3D and Shoot Out are multi-lingual and are available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish while Moto Riders and Rally Drive are available in all above languages except Dutch.

Mr. Sanker said that there are about 800 million mobile subscribers in India. Mobile gaming is the fastest-growing segment for games and with more smartphones flooding the markets, game apps stores are becoming increasingly popular. Mobile gaming is expected to reap up to ` 17.1 billion in revenues by 2015 in India.

“Though, globally, the acceptance levels are more than encouraging, markets like the US, the European Union, India, China and Brazil are the most important markets in terms of new mobile gamers. A number of underlying factors contribute to this growth. First of all, the evolving mobile technology environment and better and faster wireless networks as well as more advanced and easy-to-use handsets that are enhancing the user experience,” Mr. Sanker said.

Mobile gaming is benefiting from the expanding mobile access to the Internet and content services offered by the mobile network operators, in both developed and emerging markets. And, as the 3G networks are being rolled out, the handset use experience will be enhanced and data access costs reduced, throwing up more avenues of revenues for mobile game developers, Mr. Sanker said.

“With the 3G roll out in the domestic market, data usage on mobile phones is expected to grow faster than never before. Mobile gaming market, which is presently pegged at ` 800 crore globally, is at ` 200 crore in India. This is expected to grow at a rate of 50 per cent year-on-year,” Mr.Sanker added.