Quality is essential to the success of any business.It is the mission of 7Seas.The quality policy is our main tool of achieving it.The policy is clearly defined,comprehensive and highly formalized.The Basic contents of our Quality Policy are:

  • Utmost Satisfaction of Client’s expectation
  • Innovative, Cost and Time effective services and products
  • Consistent and continuous quality improvement
  • Fulfillments of the defined quality objective targets
  • Develop the Company as an international center for excellence.
  • Continuous evaluation of the market to explore challenging areas of operation.

The policy lays down the basic philosophy and translates it into practice, by defining formalized procedures to be completed in sequential steps.Simply stated, the procedures comprise 4 elements –

  • Task Definition
  • Task Assignment
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance plan for each task element
  • Documentation and feedback

We ensure that quality targets are set and achieved for every job that the client entrusts us with. Our Quality Control procedures are designed to sieve out gross human errors and nothing is left to chance. The quality policy has paid us the best dividends. It holds the key to our success.