A new remarkable episode has been added in the success of 7 Seas Entertainment Limited on July 9th, 2008. Hyderabad based independent game-developing company 7seas Entertainment Limited has grandly released seven 3D mobile games at a time. These games include Neetu-The alien killer, Treasure Trove, Great Elude, Kraze, Derby 3D, 3D Sudoku and Planets of Sudoku.

In a packed press meet held on wednesday, L. Maruti Shanker (Managing Director of 7seas Entertainment Limited) unveiled the games in the launching ceremony and said, “We have developed these games for high-end mobile phones and users can download them from the Internet just for Rs. 99 only. we have invested about 1 million dollars (4.3 crores) to develop these games in 18 months” . He added that the revenue generated by the end of previous closed year 2008 march, is expected to cross 20 crores by this year. He also expressed his confidence that while the mobile gaming trade is expected to exceed US $2.2 Billion, the Indian mobile gaming market itself is expected to exceed US $ 193 million by 2010. By next year, these games would generate about 13 crores per annum.

These mobile games are marketed through IMI (mobile game distributor) which had tie ups with more than 100 Moblile operators all over the world.

The above games can be downloaded via IMI network by sending SMS with the word “Games” to 56263. Neetu- Alien killer is one of the mobile games in which Bollywood young actress Neetu Chandra plays the main role of the game. Alien Killer is an awesome role playing 3D Sci-fi game in which the gamer plays the role of Neetu Chandra. Neetu Chandra, as a chief guest in the meeting said that “I’m very glad to be a part of the gaming scenario especially when the game has a female protagonist who fights aliens” Mr. Maruthi sanker is planning to have talks with 3 more popular bollywood stars for more mobile games in future.

Apart from ‘Neetu-the Alien killer’, ‘Treasure Trove’, ‘Great Elude’ are action and adventure games with electrifying story concepts. ‘Derby 3D’ and ‘Kraze’ allures with cinematic camera shots, are carrying racing genres. ‘3D Sudoku’ and ‘Planets of Sudoku’ are puzzle-oriented games. These games are single-player as well as multi-player, which are available in languages like English, Dutch, Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish, and German etc. Telco games (of Britain), with which 7Seas is having tie ups, is also releasing these mobile games of 7seas.

www.mobilzill.com, official mobile gaming portal of 7seas Entertainment is expected to launch next month. These Mobile game products can be download from this portal also. Half of the games in this portal are free to play and free to download. This portal offers mobile games, ring-tones, and wallpapers.